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With thousands upon 1000s of gorgeous names from all over the world to pick from, whittling the infant identity number down seriously to an ideal one can possibly feel just like a large task.

With thousands upon 1000s of gorgeous names from all over the world to pick from, whittling the infant identity number down seriously to an ideal one can possibly feel just like a large task.

Whether you will find any Romanian traditions within parents, a Romanian title is the perfect title to suit your newborn baby. We’ve detailed several of the most prominent baby lady labels from Romania which could inspire and motivate you to provide your baby an attractive Romanian label.

Typically the most popular name in Romania is actually Maria, and label Ioana, the Romanian kind Joan, could be the next most popular Romanian label for women. Typically infants in Romania had been known as after saints from Orthodox chapel, and most of those names have familiar equivalents in English. Nature-inspired labels may also be typical in Romania, with infant babes frequently being named after flowers, animals, the heavens and sea.

Both Roman and Slavic-influenced labels are normal in Romania, since is Spanish names, to some extent due to the interest in Latin-American telenovelas in Romania from ’90s forward.

Romanian labels are actually growing in appeal in britain and lots of Romanian offered names tend to be popular throughout the world, possibly to some extent as a result of having Latin or Greek roots, or connections to religion. There are plenty of beautiful names from Romania starting from special to recognisable. Another extra would be that most Romanian offered brands were pronounced the way they is spelled, so there must not be an excessive amount of an issue with men mispronouncing your kid’s label.

There are so many beautiful, female baby names to select from. Develop this number provides your one step nearer to selecting the most appropriate term for your child daughter.

Conventional Romanian Labels

Traditional Romanian labels are among the most incredible names in the arena. Choose a conventional Romanian offered term if you are thinking about the idea of having a lovely title that may have your daughter located out of the crowd. Regular girl labels from Romania are extremely female and poetic, with a fairy-tale like high quality for them.

1. Crengu?a – this name suggests ‘little department’.

2. Doina – a doina are a traditional form of Romanian audio.

3. Lacramioara – meaning both ‘lily on the valley’ and ‘little teardrop’.

4. Luminita – This sweet name ways ‘little light’.

Most Widely Used Girl Labels In Romania

The most common considering label for Romanian babes is actually Maria so there are numerous variants of your label. Due to Romania becoming an extremely spiritual nation, labels produced from Christianity as well as the Bible are well-known, and get been for centuries. Iona, Elena, Andreea and Sofia are some of the most popular Romanian female kid names with the last few years. Some of the most prominent Romanian names for females become adaptable and you will be common to prospects all around the world, creating Latin origins. Choosing among the many brands from the number below will result in your own girl having a reputation that’ll be practically universally accepted and valued.

5. Alexandra – This amazing identity suggests ‘protector’.

6. Alina – meaning ‘to soothe’.

7. Ana / Anca / Ancuta- These labels are variations of ‘gracious’.

8. Anamaria – This name indicates ‘favoured grace’ and contains two prospective nicknames of ‘Ana’ and ‘Maria’.

9. Andreea – meaning ‘defender of people’.

10. Antonia – meaning ‘beautiful and praiseworthy’.

11. Cristina – This recognisable term implies ‘anointed’ or ‘Christian’.

12. Daniela – which means ‘Jesus was my judge’.

13. Elena – This title means ‘bright’ or ‘shining’.

14. Gabriela – which means ‘Jesus try my strength’, another preferred nineties label because of a return!

15. Ioana – indicating ‘goodness was gracious’. This is the Romanian form of Jane.

16. Maria – meaning ‘wished for child’.

17. Mihaela – definition ‘one who’s like God’. This is actually the Romanian kind of Michelle.

18. Sofia – definition ‘a a good idea woman’, may also be spelled ‘Sophia’.

Saint Brands And Religious Names

Although Romania try a secular country with no formal faith, it really is indeed perhaps one of the most spiritual countries in Europe in addition to greater part of Romanians were Christian. Over 80 per-cent regarding the people follow the Eastern Orthodox chapel. In Romania, men and women was once called after saints from Romanian Orthodox diary. Romanian labels extracted from the Bible have quite similar equivalents in English, so you could really acknowledge some of the soon after.

19. Angelika – This label suggests ‘like an angel’.

20. Antanasia – definition ‘immortal’. This is basically the Romanian as a type of Anastasia.

21. Betina – definition ‘dedicated to God.’

22. Daniela – a popular label meaning ‘goodness try my assess’.

23. Dol / Dorotthea – meaning ‘gift from goodness’.

24. Dorina – meaning ‘gift of Yahweh’.

25. Dumitra – the Romanian version of Demeter, the Roman goddess of pick.

26. Elisabeta – which means ‘God is my oath’.

27. Gabriela – indicating ‘God try my personal strength’.

28. Ianna – a Romanian title meaning ‘Jesus try gracious’.


29. Ilinca – definition ‘the Lord is my personal goodness’. This is actually the feminine form of the Romanian kids’ title Ilie.

30. Imanuela – indicating ‘goodness is by using us’.

31. Ivana – This title implies ‘gift of Yahweh’.

32. Ivona – ‘meaning ‘gift from goodness’.

33. Izabela – definition ‘devoted to goodness’.

34. Reveca – which means that ‘to join’ and is also the Romanian form of Rebecca.

35. Talyssa – this term suggests ‘consecrated to God’.

36. Tassa – definition ‘born at xmas’. This is actually the Romanian type Natasha.

37. Zelma – definition ‘protected by goodness’.

Characteristics Brands

Romania has many incredibly poetic and feminine nature-inspired woman brands. These labels will certainly encourage any characteristics lovers available to choose from. From flora and wildlife to the sea and cosmos, there is something each character lover on this subject checklist. Choose a Romanian label using this record and present the girl the present of a beautifully female and romantic name with a gorgeous meaning behind they.

38. Aurelia – definition ‘golden’ or gilded’. This is the feminine kind Aurelius.

39. Camelia – this is exactly a pleasant term meaning ‘camellia’, after the flower.

40. Cici – A super adorable label. definition ‘one created at daybreak’.

41. Cosmina – this pretty label indicates ‘order’ or ‘beautiful’ in Romanian, referring to the transaction and beauty of the universe.

42. Crina – this lovely title implies ‘lily flower’.

43. Brandusa – A bold sounding identity, meaning ‘crocus’.

44. Daciana – meaning ‘wolf’, a robust name.

45. Georgeta / Georgiana – meaning ‘farmer’ or ‘she who works the secure’.

46. Iolanda – This title indicates ‘violet’.

47. Lipa – This identity ways ‘lover of horses’ or ‘a buddy of ponies’.

48. Narcisa – a mythical and feminine sounding name, what this means is ‘narcissus flower’.

49. Oana – This sweet title ways ‘charming light’.

50. Odeta – a feminine sounding name that implies ‘blue sea’.