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What_Motorcycle Gear You Can’t Go On a Road Without

Protecting yourself needs to be the number one priority while riding your motorcycles. The price of an accident is more than a little steep compared to the damage to your person and vehicle that you might receive in a car accident. Getting the right equipment is critical to avoiding the worst consequences of an accident, as well as being able to prevent them too.

Helmets with solid visors and the right body gear can keep you covered in adverse weather conditions and prevent debris from getting in your face while you ride. Brands like MV Agusta also offer chic options that let you ride in style while keeping yourself wrapped up. In the list below we’re going to talk about the key pieces of gear you need before you hop on your ride and why you need them.

Your Helmet

Your helmet is arguably the most important piece of motorcycle gear on this list. The most obvious reason why you need one is to keep your head from getting smashed in the event you fall off your bike, but there’s more to it than that. When the weather starts to get mucky it’s important that your helmet keeps the elements at bay. Rain on your hair and wind in your eyes don’t just make you uncomfortable, but can dangerously affect your ability to maneuver on the fly. Things to look for in a good helmet include a solid visor with UV protection, rainproof protection, and that it fits snug and comfortably on you.

The Jacket

I wouldn’t recommend getting on the road in a t-shirt. Getting a solid jacket first and foremost keeps your skin away from the pavement. Bike jackets are lined with padding and constructed out of leather, canvas, or other heavier materials. Your jacket will keep your skin off the concrete and keep you warm in cold and rainy conditions. Leather jackets will offer you the most protection but other jackets such as bombers might focus more on warmth or another factor. Ask yourself what your specific needs are and choose the jacket that’s right for you.


The first thing anyone does when they’re trying to protect themselves is raise their arms up and in front of them. This is a very, very bad move if you’re flying through the air because of an accident. Without gloves, landing like that during an accident can cost you broken bones or worse. A solid pair of gloves need to be armored on the palm and made of abrasion-resistant material. Just like with your helmet and jacket you should look for waterproof and wind resistance as well. This is especially important in the hands as a shaky grip on your handlebars can get dangerous quickly.

Riding Pants

There is a wider range of options available to you when you’re talking about what bottoms to have on, including a wide list of materials that you can use for protection. Kevlar is a widely valued building material nowadays, for good reason! If you are going to choose to stick with jeans, make sure that you get some kevler paneling in there. Under absolutely no circumstances should you roll out with a regular pair of jeans or even worse, shorts.

Leather and Canvas are the most common materials for riding pants for the same reason that they are in jackets. They offer the most abrasion resistance against the asphalt. I’d also recommend getting armor in the knees and hips to keep those vital parts protected. This is the piece of motorcycle gear that riders forget about the mos but you simply can’t skimp out on protecting your legs when you’re keeping the rest of your body protected. It just doesn’t make any sense.

The Right Boots

The last piece of motorcycle gear on the list is the boots you rock. The boots offer a lot in the way of protection for the small bones in your feet, and they do it in style. Boots also help offer traction on your bike so your legs aren’t going anywhere. Anything short of over ankle boots just won’t cut it. You don’t want to through your Jordans on and then have them fly off your feet while you’re cruising down the road. Again, getting armor somewhere in there is always a good call. Making sure those boots are oil and slip-resistant is critical as well. Work boots can serve as a good alternative if you can’t get any riding boots right now, but again, you always want to ride with the best.