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Utilizing Color Harmony to Create Peace

Your wardrobe should be composed of complementary hues and monochromatic “neutrals” like white, black, and greys of various densities when the two are mixed.

Consider the color wheel when creating your capsule outfit, and pick one of the following three schemes:

Colors that complement one another are on opposite sides of the color wheel. These color schemes are fantastic for people who want to come across as intense or “stand out” because the sharp contrast in tones produces an arresting image.

Triad colors are tones that are evenly spaced apart on the color wheel. Usually, three more hues will be placed between these two; for instance, the brilliant yellow, blue, and red are all placed equally apart (with three different colors in between them). Triad colors are a fantastic way to add color diversity to an ensemble without making any one piece stand out more than the rest.

Colors that are close to one another on the color wheel are said to be analogous. Choose your primary color and look at the two colors on either side to locate these. Use these three hues in your attire for a subdued color scheme in more formal settings.

Is it required that you follow this color wheel strictly? Most likely not, as it might be challenging to coordinate every piece of clothing in your closet. To make things easier, try to get clothes that match as closely as you can; the more they do, the more replaceable they will be.

A Capsule Wardrobe’s Use Of Accents

You’ll have observed that I haven’t yet addressed accessories. There’s a solid reason: Accessories shouldn’t be limited by the capsule wardrobe’s color-matching guidelines.

Use accessories to infuse your otherwise controlled wardrobe with a personality to prevent the “boring” impression of wearing flawlessly coordinated ensembles.

You may have chosen hues like blue, red, and white for your capsule wardrobe. Great! Your outfits ought to look great together and be pretty interchangeable. But there’s nothing wrong with employing a strategically placed statement piece like a vividly colored pocket square!