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Lua was an extension program coding language made to supporting basic procedural development with facts explanation features

Lua was an extension program coding language made to supporting basic procedural development with facts explanation features

Moreover it provides great assistance for object-oriented programming, practical programming, and data-driven programs. Lua is intended to be used as a powerful, light scripting vocabulary for any system that requires one. Lua is actually applied as a library, written in clean C (this is certainly, for the common subset of ANSI C and C++).

Getting an expansion language, Lua has no thought of a “main” plan: it just operates inserted in a bunch client, known as embedding regimen or simply the host. This host system can invoke features to carry out an article of Lua rule, can write and read Lua factors, might register C functionality to-be also known as by Lua code. Using Political dating free C performance, Lua can be enhanced to deal with numerous different domains, thus promoting personalized programming languages sharing a syntactical structure. The Lua circulation include a sample variety regimen labeled as lua , which utilizes the Lua collection to provide a complete, stand-alone Lua interpreter.

Lua is free computer software, and is supplied as always without guarantees, as mentioned in its license. The execution described within this manual is present at Lua’s recognized web site, .


Like most some other resource manual, this data was dried out in locations. For a debate of the behavior behind the style of Lua, look at technical forms offered by Lua’s site. For reveal introduction to development in Lua, read Roberto’s book, development in Lua (Second release).

This section represent the lexis, the syntax, as well as the semantics of Lua. Quite simply, this point represent which tokens become appropriate, how they may be combined, and what their unique combos mean.

The language constructs can be explained using the usual lengthy BNF notation, where ways 0 or even more a’s, and [a] implies an optional a. Non-terminals were revealed like non-terminal, keyword phrases are revealed like kword, along with other critical signs are shown like `=A?. The whole syntax of Lua can be found in A§8 at the end of this handbook.

2.1 Lexical Events

Brands (also known as identifiers) in Lua may be any string of emails, digits, and underscores, maybe not starting with a digit. This coincides utilizing the concept of brands generally in most dialects. (this is of letter depends on current area: any character thought about alphabetic because of the current locale can be utilized in an identifier.) Identifiers are accustomed to label variables and table areas.

Lua was a case-sensitive words: and is a reserved word, but plus and and are also two different, legitimate brands. As a convention, brands starting with an underscore with uppercase letters (eg _VERSION ) become arranged for interior worldwide factors used by Lua.

Literal chain can be delimited by matching single or dual estimates, and certainly will support the soon after C-like get away sequences: ‘ \a ‘ (bell), ‘ \b ‘ (backspace), ‘ \f ‘ (type feed), ‘ \n ‘ (newline), ‘ \r ‘ (carriage return), ‘ \t ‘ (horizontal tab), ‘ \v ‘ (vertical loss), ‘ \\ ‘ (backslash), ‘ \” ‘ (quotation level [double quote]), and ‘ \’ ‘ (apostrophe [single quote]). Moreover, a backslash with a real newline leads to a newline from inside the sequence. A character in a string can be given by their statistical benefits using the escape sequence \ddd , where ddd is a sequence as high as three decimal digits. (observe that if a numerical avoid is usually to be followed closely by a digit, it must be expressed utilizing just three digits.) Chain in Lua can incorporate any 8-bit appreciate, such as embedded zeros, that may be given as ‘ \0 ‘.