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How to Choose a Brand

How do you choose a brand you enjoy in light of all those issues? Finding one item of clothes that you like might not be enough to convince you to come back.

Learn for Yourself

An excellent method to become pickier about your purchases is to understand what makes an item of apparel more or less desirable in precise, quantifiable terms.

View my “Style Pyramid” piece at The Art of Manliness (Life Hacker swiped it! The Style Pyramid is fantastic). Fit, materials, and style are the three basic requirements listed.

Learn about the style, fabric, and fit that you enjoy. Don’t be hesitant to start by visiting a high-end store and trying on expensive products; it’s essential to know how the truly great stuff feels so that you can compare it to more budget-friendly items.

Shop in groups and use a tape measure

Try not to view shopping as something you do quickly and then go. Plan to visit all the major menswear retailers in your area in a single day, but take accurate measurements first.

You can write down your detailed dimensions using a measurement guide, such as the one at A Tailored Suit, rather than simply the standard ones that off-the-rack brands employ (waist and inseam for trousers and sleeve and collar sizes for shirts).

Use a tape measure (the flexible, soft sort that tailors use, not the metal spools that carpenters carry) to compare the internal measurements of clothing to the size recorded for your body.

It is also worthwhile to measure any clothing you now own that fits you well. By understanding the size of the items you adore, you may seek clothing cut similarly.

Search More broadly

Make a thorough inspection of all the shops you have access to and discover what they offer. If there are any successful brands, list them and keep them in mind.

Then proceed to the internet and begin your search there! Look for websites with total return and exchange policies to try things on and return them as necessary without shipping fees.

Numerous companies operate online, and you can access them even when they don’t have a physical location nearby. Additionally, it’s worthwhile to investigate if there isn’t an internet-only brand that you prefer to all the local possibilities as long as it’s functionally “free” to try things on.

If you’re passionate about buying specific apparel, you can eventually find websites and discussion boards dedicated to that kind of purchasing. Subreddits, deal-sharing websites, vintage auctions, and more are all possibilities that will increase your selections and improve your chances of discovering a brand you will stick with.