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Part 3 of 5: Kid Boomers’ forecast and you can 401K’s

Part 3 of 5: Kid Boomers’ forecast and you can 401K’s

Northern Dakota Reliance Ratio Expected to IncreaseA decline in North Dakota’s teens in the past few age, together with the majority of baby boomers swinging through the perfect labor pool, features resulted in a declining reliance proportion (less dependents for each personnel)

Fargo, ND – Considering 2006 inhabitants estimates released of the Census Agency, per 100 doing work-many years residents in Northern Dakota, there were up to 53 nonworking-age citizens. This means, there had been up to two specialists getting for every you to dependent.

In case your newest age shipping models continue, 2020 projections imply that it ratio usually go up to help you 71 nonworking-many years residents each a hundred owners at the job ages. Concurrently, 18 counties throughout the state try estimated to possess so much more dependents than simply professionals because of the 2020. (more…)