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Bom dia, Sou brasileira elizabeth estou com grande dificuldade de hallar essa agulha aui no Brasil

Bom dia, Sou brasileira elizabeth estou com grande dificuldade de hallar essa agulha aui no Brasil

Clover helps make a type of a tambour hook a€“ you may be capable of finding it for the needlecraft section of the huge box craft stores

Hello, Lisania a€“ I don’t know where you could purchase it in Brazil. In the shows, it’s available through Lacis (lacis) and Hedgehog Handworks (hedgehoghandworks)

bour embroidery.. What applications is suited to tambour stitches taking into consideration the simple removing. An errant ring prong, hangnail, etc may extract several stitches out of the embroidery. Thanks.

Hi, Laura a€“ Tambour embroidery can be used in every types of software, from house linens and design to apparel (especially couture clothing). If the ends tend to be protected a€“ and assuming you are making use of a fairly secure, strong bond a€“ it stands up really to put on and tear.

Hi, many thanks for the helpful & remarkable video.i have a question. May be the tambour embroidery the same as Maggam/Aari jobs, What i’m saying is is that another term of maggam efforts or both of them are different? For the tembour embroidery which thread you are utilizing + can straightforward embroidery floss be applied because of this perform? will be the needle employed for this bring razor-sharp hook and can a tambour perform getting best complete on thin textiles?

It can be done two different ways, Ginny a€“ you can easily do the needle out from the latest cycle, making the loop on top, and deliver the attach from underneath and extract that final loop towards the again. Then cut the functioning bond and move the conclusion through circle in the back and cinch the circle around the bond conclusion.

Or, you could make the final circle then draw one additional cycle through it. Enlarge this higher loop, to make sure you bring about two in of operating thread, cut the bond privately that leaves your two in of working thread, then thread the conclusion the functional thread through a needle and complete the circle exactly like you would a chain stitch, by tacking lower appropriate during the last cycle. (more…)