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Crest And Co

About Us

The Crest & Co clothing brand started in the year 2016. We may be a new brand and still relatively unknown but we can assure the people that we are here to make sure we satisfy everyone with our items and to make our clothing brand and shop expand. Back in the year 2014, two sisters wanted to create and design their own clothes since it has been their dream ever since they were little kids. They were both interested in sewing, drawing, and creating various designs even as children. When they grew up, they realized the hobbies they loved to do the most in their childhood days will actually be a part of their passion.

The two sisters who founded the brand enhanced their skills and creativity through studying, learning, and training. It wasn’t hard for them to do things like these since they enjoy it most of the time and they love how they learn more about fashion and clothes. They eventually graduated and took careers that are connected to their passion until 2014 came and they both agreed on one thing- and that is to build their own clothing brand.

They thought it was a huge ambition though they were really serious about the things they wanted to do in the future. It was a good thing they know so much about the field and path they wanted to take so planning was never a problem for them both. They gained so much support even though they found it hard to create their own brand when they took larger steps towards their dreams and goals in life. After a few years, Crest & Co was successfully put up even though up until now, they are still improving their services and expanding their brand. They want to be known to the world and the sisters will make sure that will happen in the future.