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How do solar panels produce electricity?

Solar panels power is an endless source of Pure Energies that can easily be converted into electrical energy. Over the recent past, many people have opted for this form of energy production that comes without charge. Any home can make use of this power source, but the results are maximum for homes that a lot of sunlight during the day because the sun is the source of this energy. Solar panels have gained a lot of popularity and interest from people because of the many benefits, including electricity cost cut, conservation of non-renewable resources, and many more. But still, many people wonder how solar panels produce electricity.

The first thing to do to understand the entire process is trying to understand the composition of the panels. The panels are made of semiconductive material, and that is silicon. Silicon is made up of electrons. When the photons from the rays of the sun hit the solar cell, the atoms in the silicon material absorb it and change it into conduction electrons. If the photons had a lot of energy, they would break down the electrons. The freed electrons will start moving within the cell charging through the circuit until they reach the destination. It is in this process that electricity is produced.

However, some electrons might not have received enough energy from the photons and therefore do not produce electricity but warm the cell. One trick to make your solar panels produce a lot of electricity is to make sure there are a lot of cells in the panel because more cells mean more electrons. When these electrons absorb heat energy from the sun, they produce more electricity.

A summary of the process of electricity production by solar panels

  1. Electrons in the silicon materials absorb photons from sun rays.
  2. Electrons break, and free.
  3. As they move, they charge the cells.
  4. The charged cells produce power, which is electricity.

To sum up, solar panels are a clean source of energy, and given its benefits, most people now prefer to use solar and not alternative options. However, it works best for places where there is a lot of sunlight because it will produce a lot of electricity.